Retail Cover Letter

As retail professional, it is time that you must have understood that 75% of your business is customer oriented; drawing the customer into making some kind of purchase of the product that you are selling. In today's society customer oriented service matters the most. And being retail professional the same must be reflected in your cover letter as well. When composing a cover letter for a retail manager job application, it is up to you how you draw in the reader and make him act the way you want him to act i.e. invite you for a personal interview.

Know the Employer's Requirements
Before even you start to write a cover letter, read and revise the work profile in the advert very minutely. Do not miss out on a single point. Get to know what skills and talents the employer is looking for? What is work profile? Do your skills match the required profile? Once you are thorough with what is required, draft out your response. Focus only those skills that your prospective employer is looking for, such as marketing strategies, customer support, leadership qualities, scheduling experiences etc. These are the skills most retail employers show their interest upon.

Suggestions for Retail Cover Letter Writing
The purpose your cover letter should be to communicate to the prospective employer the skills and talents that you possess, not to impress. Be very precise and to the point.
Write in a positive and optimistic tone. Don't leave rooms for "Ifs" and Buts"
Never hesitate to speak in a first person tone if required. If you mean to say "I", speak up.
In case of any doubts related to the advert, do not hesitate to ask questions.
Use contractions wherever necessary.
Write short, lucid and familiar terms.
Never tend to exaggerate.

How to Start the Letter
Start your letter by addressing it to the concerned person and then move on to state the years of work experience you possess. Speaking generally, while applying for a retail manager position you need to have at least 1 year of experience in a retail setting either as a sales associate or in some other capacity. Never address your cover letter simply by writing “Dear Sir”/ “Dear Madame”. Make it personal. Address it to the person named in the advert, say for example, “Mr. Smith”. Directly above your greeting, place the cover letter headline centrally aligned and in all caps and bold interface: “EXPERIENCED RETAIL MANAGER TO TAKE UP NEW LEADS” OR “AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: PROVEN SALES LEADS”.

Letter Content
Just after the opening section, in the first paragraph detail out your retail skills and talents as a professional. Over the years you must have gained experience as a retail or assistant manager. No matter whether you had the title or not, you can always quantify this experience of yours and provide the prospective employer with details regarding your prior managerial roles.

Include your Salary Requirements in the Closing Paragraph
Finally, as a retail manager include your salary requirements and/ or expectations in your cover letter. Do thorough researches of the current salaries and then state your requirement accordingly. Or you can also state that you are open to negotiation and bring up the topic during the interview process.