Counselor Cover Letter

Job hunters may feel them to be less important or rather ignorant, but ask any potential employer, they'll always say "Yes, Cover Letters in your application package is a MUST". Cover letters are very often considered to be the yardstick of an applicant's communication skills. And when it comes to the job of a counselor, communication skill is an indispensable factor.

Counseling jobs are to be found every now and then, in a variety of settings. Counselors are they who help people with mental health issues, personal difficulties or family related problems or problems related to the educational domain and career challenges. The type of environment in which they work may be a school, career center or medical setting.

Opening Section
It is necessary that while writing a counselor cover letter you follow the professional format that applies to writing a job cover letter. Make the first paragraph the introductory section. Write the reasons for your writing. If you are responding to any advert produced by the company mention it without failure. And in case it's just an inquiry on your part, mention that as well. Address your cover letter to the specific person concerned. If you are responding to an advert and the name of the hiring manager is not listed out there, make it a point to call the facility or the organization and ask for a name to send your application to. An opening like this is well appreciated:

"Dear Mr. Johnson, I came across the posting in **** (mention the source) for employment as a rehabilitation counselor at Community Rehab. I am writing in order to express my interest to apply for the job and that is the purpose of my cover letter to you."

Letter Body
Next is the letter body. Open it with a statement like this: "I have a couple of years' experience in dealing with patients as well as their family members. My specialization and experience has taught me how to assist caregivers and family members in their decisions about how to best serve their loved ones."

The letter body is the place where you are expected to state your qualifications and experience. Project yourself in a positive manner and show the potential employer how you look forward to meet or exceed expectations that are listed out there in the job description. Lay stress upon your special skills and level of experience along with your certifications, CACREP, CORE, and NBCC to name some, so as to validate your statement. In case you are applying for a school counseling job after working in a clinical set-up, DO include your experience you gained while working with the patient's family members and highlight the same as much as possible.


End up your counseling job cover letter requesting the hiring manager for an interview to discuss in more detail as to how you can contribute to the effectiveness of the school, or career center or clinic, whatever is the setting. Place your phone number out here along with your email address. Conclude in a manner like the one below:

"I look forward to join your team of professionals. It'll be great if you give me the opportunity to meet you in person so that I can brief you about my accomplishments and experience in more detail. I'm reachable at 212-333-7001 for an appointment.

Best Regards ... Enc: resume and cover letter”