Biotech Cover Letter

So you wanna be a biotech professional? That's a good career path to choose. You want to set your career rolling in biotechnology, and have even prepared a "rocking" resume for that purpose that reflects loads of your working experience, yet you are not very sure what can help you keep your foot on the proper door confidently. The simple solution to this complicated problem is, create a stunning cover letter to supplement your resume; a cover letter that is sure to grab the attention of the potential employer so that they are compelled to call you up for an interview as soon as possible.

Prepare Yourself
Cover letters are basically the introductory letters that introduce you to the company and stating the reasons why you want to work for the target company or organization. Do a thorough research on the company in question, the job description, the post you are applying for and the like. Preparing your-self before sitting down to craft the cover letter is important.

Begin With a Bang
This is the most crucial section in your cover letter. Write the headline in clear block letters using bold interface and align it centrally in the page. Use such headlines that grab the attention of the reader at the first go and make him read what is there in the next line. Examples, "Reasons why I believe that I may be the Candidate you're looking for" or "I would love to be interviewed in person for the position of a Senior Biotechnician”.

Address the Letter
Ensure that you address the letter to an actual person instead of just writing "Dear Sir/ Madame". This is very indecent. Next is the opening section. If you're responding to any particular ad, reiterate the advert points, and write the letter in such a manner so as to show the employer that you possess the desired skills.

Background Info
In this section, you need to mention your level of education and expertise and what makes you think that you stand out from the others with the same educational background and working experience. You can also stress upon the several experiments that you've performed and the long hours you spent in the laboratory experimenting and learning the competencies for being a good Biotechnician. Give a brief overview about your certifications and specialties you possess related to certain specific areas of biotechnology like agriculture, natural resources and the environment. Do not miss out on your communication skills. These days, employers expect their employees to be communication gurus who can write as well as speak well. Reflect the same through your cover letter writing. Make it clear, concise, crisp and understandable. If possible, list out your communication abilities. Also, list out the individual skills and knowledge you possess, but have not been mentioned in your resume.

End the Letter
Once you’ve stated all your skills, qualifications and capabilities, it is time that you close the deal. In the final paragraph express your expectations and interest. Let the employer know that you are eagerly looking forward to an interview in person. Be direct and bold in your appeal. This is a good place to put in your contact details along with your suitable time and date. Something written like this will definitely help:

“This is my phone number, ****-***-****. I am available on weekdays from *** to *** time. Please call me in order to arrange a convenient time for us to meet and further discuss my background in relation to your needs.”