Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

After hours of working hard in order to craft a powerful resume to support your job application for the position of an administrative assistant, you'll definitely not want to leave any loop holes from being noticed by the recruiters who are topping your "List of Favorites". And this is the instance when you absolutely require a solid administrative assistant cover letter to help you project your profile and draw the attention of the hiring manager that you deserve.

Cover Letter Key Note
When applying for the post of an administrative assistant, there are certain useful tactics of writing the best cover letter. First of all you need to identify the key work requirements and the requisite profile from the job description given in the advert. Adverts very often include a description of the desired skills and duties that the candidates are expected to perform. When drafting the cover letter do mention your skills, experience and administrative talents and clearly state how it suits the company requirements. In that case, you'll definitely score over the others in the competition for the position you're applying for.

Follow the Format
Normally, a one page cover letter consisting of 3-4 paragraphs is sufficient to reflect your personality and define your needs along with the company benefits. Directly above your greeting, place your headline. Headline is an important factor in cover letters. A catchy headline in all caps, bold and centrally aligned is difficult for the hiring managers to pass of. So something like this is worth writing: "AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: EXPERIENCED ASSISSTENT WITH PROVEN ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS" or "PROMPT, FRIENDLY & RESULT-DRIVEN ADMIN ASSISSTENT". Next, be sure to put in the complete contact info at the letter head. A private e-mail ID will also help. Now comes the addressing part. Always make sure that you address the letter to a specific person or the hiring manager or any other concerned person of the department.

Letter Content
The first paragraph should explain your purpose in writing the letter. Be very clear and specific about the position you're applying for. If you're going through a referral program, mention it in the opening section. The letter body is the place where you can show how and why do you think that are a good fit for the job. State your skills and experience to match the job criteria. This is good place to give the following details:

Define your ability and capability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and multi-tasking ability. State your relevant experience, i.e. the experience you’ve earned working as an executive assistant or legal assistant Describe the key administrative skills and talents you possess. Things related to office management, accounting, customer care and event planning should be mentioned. Mention that you are a computer savvy person and that you do have knowledge of using work related software. This will definitely be an added advantage.

In the final paragraph show your interest to pursue your application and mention that you'll do a follow-up. Be enthusiastic in your appeal and provide your cell number or any other private number in the final section once again so as to bring it to the recruiter's notice.