HR Cover Letter

HR (Human Resource), as the name itself suggests, is all about Human. And as such, the most important thing in an HR is to "Value Human". When a company or an organization is hiring you for the post of HR personnel, they expect you to develop, train, manage, retain and expand the manpower of their company. As such, the basic skills and traits of a good HR person should be:

And when writing the cover letter, as an applicant you should portray some or all of these skills and traits through your writing. Following is an example of a winning cover letter:

Your Name
Date of Application
Roland Thomas
Recruiting Head, ABC Firm
111 Street NY, Suite 123
Michigan, Texas 11111


Dear Mr. Thomas,
This is in response to the job opening listed on your company web site. I fully understand and acknowledge the role hiring plays for organizations today. And based on my past experiences related to staffing and recruiting, I hereby submit my resume for the post of an experienced HR personnel. For your consideration, following is a brief overview of my skills and capabilities to match your needs based on the position competencies.

1. Manage the recruitment process through all levels. I've garnered outstanding experience in all aspects of recruiting and staffing.
2. Apart from my recruiting experiences, client contract negotiations have developed my closing capabilities as well.
3. Organize and participate in events. I'm experienced in planning and managing large number of events successfully, that I still do for my current firm.

My professional services and experiences gelled with my academic background encapsulates a number of the position competencies. I have records of compact staff management, working closely and efficiently with my team on developmental plans, and I do perfectly understand my responsibilities in assisting and promoting staff member success.

I would heartily welcome the opportunity of speaking with you personally to discuss further details. Please feel free to reach me at 999-999-9999. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards
Your Name

When writing the HR cover letter, be very particular about the letter format. Put in your name and address at the top followed by the details of the hiring person. Place the headline in all caps, bold interface and centrally aligned directly above your greeting i.e. Dear Mr. Thomas. Make your headline so strong that compels the reader to read what you’ve written. This headline, “EXPERIENCED HR MANAGER AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY” for instance, tells the hiring manager immediately as to why he/ she should read the letter.

Just after a brief reference i.e. why you are writing and how do you know about the vacancy, go straight into your skills and experiences. Now, your HR cover letter is your messenger. Through your piece of writing you need to prove that you are the best solution to the apparent business problem the company is facing. Use your education, your attributes, training and certification, and your interests as instruments of your problem solving skills. Do not miss out on your experience.

Show Your Passion & Interest
Once your experience and education has been established, show your passion and interest to work as a business problem solver. Tell the employer, how much you enjoy the challenge of solving the company problems and what plans you have for your target company.

Finally, close your deal. Tell the reader what next to do, so as to getting the job happens for you. This is a good place to put in your phone number or e-mail id and ask the potential employer to give you a call in order to schedule an interview.